Project in Thailand


Upgrade wet section of 200 tons per day commercial tapioca starch facility

Upgrading existing lines is always a challenge. At the other hand, it is exactly this that makes our engineering job attractive as well! From an esteemed company in Thailand we received the assignment to re-engineer their rather outdated wet section. And the same time we were given the constraint to implement in such a way down-time was limited to the minimum, in order to secure ongoing supply to their customer base. NivobaHovex succeeded improving all key parameters: higher yield, higher efficiency, reduced energy and water consumption as well as a far better quality of the refined starch, eliminating the undesired impurities and enhancing the whiteness. We are very proud and happy to be able to contribute to a significant boost of the customer’s operation and a very short pay-back-time of their investment. Above all we are pleased and grateful this great and loyal customer allotted us several repeat orders in the meantime.