Striving to reduce costs for fresh water and for waste water disposal, the potato processing industry focuses on reduction of water consumption. By separating the starch from the potato cutting water and flume water, the life of the water can be extended, and the costs for waste water treatment reduced considerably. An additional advantage of starch recovery is that theĀ  recovered starch is a valuable commodity

Process description

Water from the process lines is fed to a rotating screen. Coarse parts and a major part of fibres are removed before the water enters into hydrocyclones. In the hydrocyclones the starch is separated from the water. The effluent is returned into the process. The concentrated starch is dewatered on a rotating vacuum filter and collected in big bags.


SiccaDania offers custom made systems fit for any process water volume. Depending on the requirement the system can be supplied as a set of individual equipment or as turn-key unit. The systems are self-cleaning and require minimal attention and maintenance.

A basic starch recovery system consists of the following equipment:

  • Refining sieve
  • Hydrocyclones HC-50
  • Rotating FC vacuum filter
  • Screw conveyor
  • Big-bag filling station


  • Continuous and automatic operation
  • Robust, safe and hygienic construction matching the high standards maintained by the food stuff industry
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
Starch Recovery