NivobaHovex SiccaDania Rasper

High-yield milling performance

Being the first step in the wet process, the milling performance is crucial. The yield of the rasper determines to a great extent the overall yield of the entire starch operation. Any starch loss in this section is lost forever!

The starch granules are locked in the cells of the root together with other constituents and have to be released from the cell compound. The more thoroughly the cells are destroyed, the better the release of the granules – and thus the better the starch yield.

The NivobaHovex SiccaDania rasper is designed to rupture the cell walls so efficiently that the maximum amount of starch from the cassava roots is released.

Benefits of NivobaHovex SiccaDania rasper

  • Highest starch yield and highest milling efficiency
  • Best in class durability
  • High speed rotor
  • Superior saw blades clamping design and long saw blade life
  • Easy replacement, service & maintenance
  • Heavy load resistant
  • Full Stainless Steel

Spare parts:



Clamping bar

Clamping bar

Cutter block

Cutter block sealing

Labyrinth ring


Saw blade

Sieve plate