Potato starch plant

The complete engineering, procurement and construction of a food grade native potato starch line, protein recovery, and advanced water recycling system. Fresh potatoes and reject potatoes from [...]

Starch recovery big flakes line.

Starch recovery big flakes line. Turnkey installation for a major French potato flakes producer. Nivoba provided a total solution including demolition, engineering, manufucturing and implementation to [...]

Starch/ Water recovery

Starch/ Water recovery from a potato chips factory Complete installation to extract starch from potato chips cutting process, extended with a water reuse water [...]

Upgrade wet section

Upgrade wet section of 200 tons per day commercial tapioca starch facility Upgrading existing lines is always a challenge. At the other hand, it is exactly this that makes [...]

Waste Water Valorisation

NivobaHovex recently sold two turn-key MVR / water purification systems enabling total to recycle of water in the starch process. The system fully complies with the increasing demands for sustainability [...]