On site Poland


Major demand for reduction of fresh water consumption

Being a loyal customer to NivobaHovex already for many years, this customer approached us to innovate their existing line into a configuration of increased capacity including clear boundary conditions of improved product quality, higher efficiency and a significant reduction of water consumption. Especially the latter was very important to this customer in order to minimise their effluent flow, as in Poland regulations are turning more strict and conditions for effluent discharge are getting more constraints and therefore really challenging. NivobaHovex re-engineered this facility into a state-of-the art factory, with a sound blend of existing and new NivobaHovex equipment. Meeting the customers’ expectation of performance improvement i.e. higher yield, higher efficiency, reduced power and last-but-not least a significant reduction of fresh water consumption and effluent! Over the years NivobaHovex developed a key position in the Polish market. For sure the great success of this project will give NivobaHovex a further boost in the Polish & broader Eastern Europe (potato) starch market.