Starch World Seminar Asia

“Fast – changing dynamics of the cassava markets with looming shortage and spreading of disease”

This week, Dr. Keld Ejdrup Markedal presented the SiccaDania One-In-All-Out concept during the 2nd Food Proteins Asia held in Bangkok. A well-attended conference on animal and plant-based protein production and marketing.

The One-In-All-Out concept focuses on the complete valorisation of the carbohydrate tuberiform crops such as potatoes, tapioca, sweet potatoes and yam. By recovering and processing not only the starch but also the plant protein and fiber, the economics of tuber processing substantially increases. Apart from the extra revenue from the additional outputs, the One-In-All-Out process significantly reduces the fresh water and the energy consumption per ton of input.

South-East Asian tapioca starch industry currently faces issues with sufficient supply of feed stock due to plant disease and climate issues, thus can benefit from maximising the utilisation of the full tapioca root available.

The topic of the World Starch Asia Seminar

It is a challenging time for cassava as prices have developed their own dynamics detached from world market fundamentals due to the critical shortage of roots and the rapid growth of mosaic disease detected largely in eastern Cambodia and southern Vietnam.

The panel of authorities from the top 3 producing in Asia will share on the impact of CMD (cassava mosaic disease) and how this might affect supply going forward.

The leading issue in the  minds of processors is what is the threat of CMD  on the supply outlook in the next 6-9 months? Will prices remain high?  Will they switch to corn or rice?

Ingredion investing $60 million in Asia-Pacific 
– Food Business News 26/09/2018

Ingredion builds its on-trend rice ingredient business and continues to make further investments in Asia Earlier this year, the company expanded its modified and clean label specialty starch capabilities in tapioca, waxy corn and rice in the region.

Despite the high prices, demand for cassava-based products is increasing as consumption patterns change. New global markets are developing with growing demand for ‘clean label’ and differentiated products such as gluten-free or GMO-free. Cassava starch has always had superior functional properties in many applications sought after by food processors and manufacturers.

As leading producer, Thailand starch producers are upgrading their facilities, investing in higher value added cassava starch and derivatives and also investing in smart farming concepts to improve yields.

CMT returns to Thailand for its 8th edition of Starch World Asia and has lined up key panel of speakers to share the latest news. Key highlights include :

  • Outlook for cassava markets with impending shortage
  • Opportunities to switch to sugar with current low prices?
  • Vietnam starch market update from the perspective of a local player
    • How are they coping with root shortage issues
  • Developments in smart agri technology for cassava plantations in Thailand
  • Global corn markets & trade outlook with rising concerns over China-US trade tension
  • The damage caused by CMD and what actions are in place to tackle the disease
  • What is really clean label? are we past that trend?
  • Innovations in on-trend rice based solutions
  • Discovery of resistant starch from novel waxy tapioca variety
  • Advanced cassava breeding for modified starch
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