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Elevating final starch specifications to higher levels

A well-known German Starch manufacturer consulted us as they had specific issues with the quality of the final product, esp. with regard to the fiber content. In good and close co-operation, NivobaHovex and customer, re-engineered the process. NivobaHovex did supply some of its great machines, however together with customer we were able to keep the investment to the minimum, while securing the critical quality parameters of the final product. Changing the set-up of the line was fundamental, however changing the process and operation philosophy was very crucial in this case. By giving training & guidance to the operations, NivobaHovex succeeded customer to adapt to the new way-of-working in a swift and smooth fashion. We are proud our NivobaHovex team, who in close co-operation with customer, turned this extremely challenging assignment into a great success!