Reuse, recycle, reduce

Reduce - Recycle - Re-use

State-of-the-art processes

High yield, efficiency and minimum energy consumption

NivobaHovex SiccaDania is experts within their field, starch processing equipment along with side stream. Together with the SiccaDania Group we can offer a range of machines for the starch and starch by-products industry. Apart from supplying conventional solutions for rasping potatoes and the drying of starch, we offer highly efficient and novel processes for the side-streams, thus turning all of the raw product components into valuable products: proteins separation and drying, fiber purification and drying, and fruit water concentration for fertiliser.

Our main experience cover potatoes, peas, cassava, yams, sweet potato and faba beans.

Together with our industry partners, we offer highly efficient turn-key plants with side stream process, waste and water management.

One in - all out. Sustainable engineering
sustainable engineering solutions

Reduce – Recycle – Re use

At NivobaHovex SiccaDania, we approach our engineering processes and products holistically, trying to create engineering solutions beyond current or dominant technologies; improve, innovate, and invent (technologies) to achieve sustainability.

Furthermore using life-cycle thinking in all engineering activities in order to conserve and improve natural ecosystems while protecting human health and well-being, minimising depletion of natural resources, striving to prevent waste. Trying to close the circle in the spirit of the straightforward concept of Reduce-Recycle-Reuse.

Offering our customers state-of-the art processes and systems delivering high yield operations with maximum of up-time, highly efficient with minimum consumption of water and energy enabling them to generate starch and co-products meeting the highest standard of purity and hygiene.

Engineering the future

SiccaDania is committed to a sustainable world

At NivobaHovex SiccaDania, we are very well aware of the changing role of engineering, and how sustainability should be embedded systematically into all engineering disciplines. Gone are the days when engineers only focused on technical and economic feasibility of a system design.

We train & develop our engineers to consider the whole spectrum of sustainability, from the economical, social and environmental perspective. Facing demanding themes in today’s world such as, rising human population, resource depletion, environmental pollution and multiple threats to food, water and energy securities makes us to focus on finding ways for better sustainable solutions.

Sustainable starch processing

Besides challenging our ourselves continuously, we advise and support customers in their considerations for the planning and development of sustainable starch processing plants by choosing the most sustainable and most innovative technologies.