SiccaDania bag filters are especially developed to recover the powder from the exhaust air of dryers and powder handling equipment as fluid beds, powder conveying and packing systems as well as aspiration systems for machines and devices in the dairy and food industry.

The size range is standardised, but adaptable to meet customer’s local space and requirements. The bag filters can be executed optional CIP-able and with fluid bed powder discharge.

Besides a high separation efficiency, the bag filters are characterised by an optimised hygienic design, a low energy consumption and an easy and fast maintenance.  The design considers the actual directives, guidelines and standards as EHEDG, ATEX, EG 1935/2004, VDI 2263-Bl.7, etc.

SiccaDania has the capability to engineer, manufacture, install and commission the bag filter completely by its own. This ensures shortest delivery dates, full flexibility and enhanced quality control.

Old filter installations can be upgraded and optimised to the state of the art regarding hygienic and safety requirements or to increase their capacity. A quick spare part supply for almost all bag filters in the dairy, food and chemical industry is ensured.

Bag filter

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