NivobaHovex SiccaDania  –  A reliable partner. A constant innovator. A very knowledgeable expert. 

NivobaHovex SiccaDania develops and commercialises equipment for the starch processing industry. We have been a technology leader throughout our existence.  With a machine mix for native starch, derivative and various down-stream products, we can provide the entire starch operation for a range of starch types: potato, cassava, corn, wheat, pea, rice and sago.

NivobaHovex have become a part of the SiccaDania Group. With more than 125 years of knowledge developing technologies catering to the demands of the starch producers over the world, NivobaHovex will supplement the SiccaDania group well. The technologies from Nivoba are efficient and high quality. Hovex brings expertise concerning the purity, efficiency and sustainability. Together as NivobaHovex, we ensure highly efficient and responsible starch solutions for customers.

We are adamant in creating productions that focus on zero-waste and full-waste valorisation. This engineering focus is beneficial for our customers, as it contributes to our customers’ profitability, growth, innovation and sustainability. We work by the idea of “one in all out”.

NivobaHovex SiccaDania’s product portfolio includes a range of different technologies to provide our end customer with technology for producing high-quality starch as purely and efficiently as possible.

About SiccaDania Group

SiccaDania was founded in March 2015 following the establishment of Danish Separation Technology. The company was formed by a group of individuals with extensive industrial experience and expertise within the evaporation and drying technologies involved in the processing of dairy, starch and food products.

The company vision is to become an industrial leader within its field. To accomplish this, SiccaDania strives to establish a good reputation which leads to becoming the preferred customer choice as plant supplier to the industry. SiccaDania is confident that customer trust will be secured through on-time and on-budget delivery of plants producing products that meet the required quality specifications. By putting technology and engineering excellence as a top priority, the company provides solutions of the highest quality.

SiccaDania’s core technologies lie within evaporation and drying. Through collaboration with companies, that are specialists in their fields, the company is able to supply equipment for liquid processing, powder handling, bagging-off systems, automation etc. The SiccaDania Group possesses the required expertise to project manage and integrate larger turnkey projects involving starch and dairy products.

SiccaDania is owned by its management and key employees. Customers will be dealing with personnel empowered with the capability to make business decisions swiftly. It is a strong belief that the ability to fulfill and exceed customer expectations will act to secure the successful growth of the company.

SiccaDania headquarter