Building futures for generations

Reliable partner to the global starch industry

Highly efficient turn-key plants

Side stream process, waster and water management

125 years of knowledge

developing technologies catering to the demands
of the starch producers worldwide

Our values

In our world we value

Customer centricity. Employee empowerment. Passion for technology.


Great starch projects all over the world

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The machine portfolio: advanced products for your starch operation

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Reduce – Recycle – Re use

NivobaHovex SiccaDania is committed to a sustainable world. We take our responsibility and are engineering green. Our DNA is carrying the “Reduce- Recycle and Re-use” foot-print.  We are designing and engineering next generation machines & processes by balancing economics, social elements and the environment in a sustainable way. It is our mission to enable our partners to run their business with a natural balance: highly competitive while being most sustainable and contributing to a better world tomorrow!